Smooth Moving

I can highly recommend Just Trucking to do any small or large move. I have used them more than three times now and they have always been on time and have never damaged any of my goods.
Michelle De Villiers

Great Service

Great service and went the extra mile
Michael Le Roux


As a lady with no one to count on in a time of need, I had to move urgently and no one to help me. I had the privilege of experiencing the gentlemanly and professional service of Just Trucking. The high standards and efficiency of Michael, the driver and his men who helped me move, is what I will recommend to anyone who is in need of professional assistance. Just Trucking can be contacted at 076 418 6244 or visiting their website www.justtrucking.co.za If you visit their website this is what you will see; We Are A Professional Local Trucking Company Created To Provide More Than Just A Truck. We Provide Furniture Removals, with Hard Work And Genuine Smiles. This is exactly the service that I have received.
Bertha Buchler

Are you moving?

Moving your furniture will best be done by our Just Trucking furniture removal service. We at Just Trucking Movers aim to give you, our client complete satisfaction. We aim to make our transport operation transparent and efficient. We want you to discover that, when you chose Just Trucking Movers, you acted wisely.

We Really Really Care!

Moving day will be a relaxing experience when you make use of our professional moving service. Whether you use a 4 ton truck/or 20m3 vehicle (Driver and two laborers) or an 8 ton truck/or 30m3 vehicle (Driver and four laborers) or both you should sit back and relax as we carry all the furniture out of every room of Address A and into each room of Address B. Our service includes labor so enjoy!!!

We at Just Trucking Movers exclusively use closed, waterproof furniture removal vehicles so you also don’t have to worry about possible rain!! Just relax!!

We know with everything packed away you may have not had your morning pick me up. When we get to the second address you and your spouse can enjoy a complimentary cappuccino, juice or cup of tea, on us, as we do all the work and make your move, dare we say it, almost fun!!



Box and wrap your goods yourself. Collect boxes from your local supermarket or buy them from the many box and wrapping suppliers across Gauteng. Bubble Wrap is highly recommended to be extensively used particularly on fridges, mirrors and other fragile items.
Choose a 4 ton truck/or 20m3 vehicle or 8 ton truck/or 30m3 or both as the vehicle/s you will need. A four ton truck/or 20m3 vehicle generally moves, in one load, a 2 bedroom home inclusive of the contents of the lounge, dining room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms. An 8 ton truck/or 30m3 vehicle generally moves, in one load, a 3 to 4 bedroom home inclusive of the contents of the lounge, dining room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and maids quarters. Homes with more living areas, filled garages, patio furniture and lots of pot plants may require a second load. You can also order 2 vehicles at the same time so you are not delayed. Based on our statistics of over 300 moves per month for over 4 years (yes over 15 000 so far) 80% of clients select the right size truck and move in one load. Note that this is not guaranteed as some folks have more furniture than others even if the property is the same size.

To book a move is a 2 step process:

1) Complete the quote questions on the left of this page

2) Receive your obligation-free quote via email

 It’s that easy!!



4 ton/or 20m3 vehicle
A 4 ton truck/or 20 m3 vehicle, driver and 2 loaders with twenty loading blankets costs R3500 all inclusive for a single load A second load will cost R3000 bringing the total cost up to R6500. This sum is the same price as that for a single load on an 8 ton/or 30 m3 vehicle. A 3rd or more loads will also cost R3000 per load.
8 ton/30m3 vehicle
An 8 ton truck/or 30m3 vehicle, driver and 4 loaders with forty loading blankets costs R6500 all inclusive for a single load. A second load will cost R6000 bringing the total cost up to R12500. A 3rd or more loads will cost R6000 per load.
12 ton/50m3-2 Vehicles
A 12 ton/or 50m3 vehicle (2), a driver and 4 laborers (if 1 vehicle) with 60 loading blankets will cost R9500 all inclusive for a single load. A second load will cost R9000 bringing the total cost to R18500. A 3rd or more loads will cost R9000 per load.
These prices are on condition that the distance from premises A to premises B does not exceed 50kms and is within the borders of Gauteng. Moves to be loaded outside Gauteng will be quoted on a case by case basis. Moves exceeding 50kms in Gauteng or to the other provinces are charged on a per km rate for each extra km. Note that the use of the word ton or tons are for reference purposes only, you are paying for volume not tonnage as most furniture has very little mass/weight. Just Trucking Movers reserves the right to use any closed waterproof, insured vehicle that gives the exact or more volumetric capacity quoted. Costs are for one day only and prices are reset every day. Ensure your move is completed in one day as a load on a new day will cost the same price as a first load

Additional Costs



Complexes often do not allow vehicles to enter that are 4, 8 or 12 tons/20m3, 30m3 or 50m3 or have height restriction below 3 meters. A smaller vehicle may be required to shuttle the goods from the home/business to the street.

If a shuttle vehicle/service is required for the move at one location it will cost R1000 extra for the day. If a shuttle vehicle/service is required on both sides it will cost R2000 extra for the day.

Unless the furniture is found outside the complex when we arrive use of your own vehicle as a shuttle will still be charged as a shuttle service. It’s a question of time. If no vehicle, including your own, can reduce the distance the furniture has to be moved below 50 meters this will be charged as a shuttle service. This money will be distributed amongst the laborers.

Upstairs: If you are not moving from a ground floor to a ground floor structure additional cost will be incurred per load. Upstairs to ground floor structure will cost R300 extra per load. Upstairs to upstairs structure will cost R600 extra per load.
Costs for upstairs apply whether there are lifts or not. Costs for upstairs apply irrespective of the quantity of items found or moved upstairs. Often in the case of long blocks of flats the shuttle service and upstairs costs may apply as 50 meters is exceeded from the truck.


Payment is as transparent as everything else about Just Trucking Movers. You pay nothing in advance unless you want to. When goods are loaded at the first premises, R1000 must be handed to the driver. Upon arrival at the second premises, the balance must be paid.
Unfortunately we will not offload or enter the new premises unless the driver has received payment. The reason is that regrettably some folks forget where the money is once we have put the furniture in the new premises. We’re not kidding!!
Payment is done load by load or if you wish, as some clients do, you are welcome to pay in advance for our service into our bank account. You will receive a refund if you did not require as many loads as you thought.
Payment via EFT must be done strictly 72 hours before the day of the move. No EFT payment will be accepted on the day irrespective of the bank and if you’re booking is done last minute please go draw the cash before we arrive. If we arrive at the second premises and payment of the balance or access is not given within 15 minutes, R250 will be added to your bill. If this is still the case after 30 minutes, the vehicle will return to the first premises and offload the goods outside.
Long distance moves (exceeding 50kms) always require full payment upon loading.


Pensioners older that 65 years of age receive a 5% discount on one load.
Pay via EFT in advance and receive a 5% discount on one load.
Schedule your move for the afternoon and receive a 5% discount on one load.
As we are committed to being on time and know that moving is stressful enough without waiting for the movers, we will give you a 5% discount on one load if we arrive 1 minute later than within the allotted timeslot. Wow, up to 15% in discounts and 20% if we are 1 minute late.